MALIPHANT Family History and Jamborees

2010 - The 2nd MALIPHANT Jamboree
Date:   August 14th
Venue:  The Beaufort Arms, Bristol

Happiness.   Joy.   Elation.   Fun.

That sums up my feelings of the day - tinged of course with an element of sadness ....

I'm sure we'll all have specific memories of the day (apart from the ****** rain of course!!), mine are just of a bunch of fine people, connected by the vagaries of an extended family, settling down for a series of fascinating story telling and fact swapping.
Many thanks to those of you who could make it to Bristol.

Over the next few weeks I'll try and collect/collate/publish any stories you wish to send to me - as well as any pictures of course!
The first pictures can now be found on the 2010 Jamboree Pictures page on this site - click and enjoy !

I think it's fair to say there will be another Jamboree - it's only a question of when and where :-)
Watch this space as they say .....
Well, watch your inbox if you are on my email list - and if you're not, visit the Contact page on this website and get in touch with me :-)

More later

August 16th 2010


Some factlets and stories from the 2010 Jamboree .....

  • 21 people were there on the day


Name Home Town Country
Sue  Adlard Cheltenham, Gloucestershire England
Mavis  Gibson Penarth, Glamorgan Wales
Pauline  Howarth Southsea, Hampshire England
Tony  Howarth Southsea, Hampshire England
Elaine  Ledingham Oxford, Oxfordshire England
John  Ledingham Oxford, Oxfordshire England
Ken  Maliphant Beckenham, Kent England
Liz  Maliphant Beckenham, Kent England
Sarah  Maliphant Guildford, Surrey England
Elizabeth  Maliphant Llanmadoc, Glamorgan Wales
John  Maliphant Llanmadoc, Glamorgan Wales
Andy  Maliphant Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire England
Anne  Maliphant Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire England
Bruce  Maliphant Reading, Berkshire England
Mandi  Maliphant Reading, Berkshire England
Elizabeth "Buffy"  Maliphant Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Margaret  Maliphant Wellington, Somerset England
Adam  Margetts Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Ainsley  Stokes Sidcup, Kent England
Joan  Stokes Sidcup, Kent England
Barbara  Walker Bristol, Avon England