MALIPHANT Family History and Jamborees

2012 - The 4th MALIPHANT Jamboree
Date:   July 21st
Venue:  The Bay Brasserie, Mumbles, Swansea

Blessed with sunshine for the first time in ages, the Mumbles in Swansea provided a wonderful location for a super day


Some factlets and stories from the 2012 Jamboree .....

A total of 49 people attended the Mumbles gathering (scroll down to see the list)

Pictures of the day are on the Jamboree Photos link on the left of this screen

Name Home Town Country
Anya Charlesworth Beckenham, Kent England
Emily Charlesworth Beckenham, Kent England
Louise Charlesworth Beckenham, Kent England
Paul Charlesworth Beckenham, Kent England
Sophie Charlesworth Beckenham, Kent England
Pat Cicci St Catharines, Ontario Canada
Vic Cicci St Catharines, Ontario Canada
Joyce Clift Tenby, Pembrokeshire Wales
Angus Counsell   New Zealand
Flynn Counsell   New Zealand
Kevin Counsell   New Zealand
Olli Counsell   New Zealand
Tui Counsell   New Zealand
Philip Evans Bridgend, Glamorgan Wales
Mavis Gibson Penarth, Glamorgan Wales
Sue Gomez Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Benjamin Grant   England
Mark Harris Phoenix, Arizona USA
Patsy Ann Hartnell St Brides Major, Glamorgan Wales
Pauline Howarth Southsea, Hampshire England
Tony Howarth Southsea, Hampshire England
Yvonne James Neath, Glamorgan Wales
Ian Jones Neath, Glamorgan Wales
Christine Malenfant Hull, Massachusetts USA
Anastasia Maliphant Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire Wales
Bruce Maliphant Reading, Berkshire England
Danielle Maliphant Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire Wales
Elizabeth "Buffy" Maliphant Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Elizabeth Maliphant Llanmadoc, Glamorgan Wales
Fay Maliphant Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Gwyneth Maliphant Pontyclun, Glamorgan Wales
Helen Maliphant Cardiff, Glamorgan Wales
John Maliphant Cardiff, Glamorgan Wales
John Maliphant Llanmadoc, Glamorgan Wales
Ken Maliphant Beckenham, Kent England
Laura Maliphant Farnham, Surrey England
Liz Maliphant Beckenham, Kent England
Louise Maliphant Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Mandi Maliphant Reading, Berkshire England
Marc Maliphant Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire Wales
Roger Maliphant Swansea, Glamorgan Wales
Rob Mosher Hull, Massachusetts USA
John Rees Tenby, Pembrokeshire Wales
Sheila Rees Tenby, Pembrokeshire Wales
Hannah Ward London England
Kea Ward   New Zealand
Lloyd Ward London England
Rees Ward   New Zealand
Carolyn Wise Phoenix, Arizona USA